Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Riley Report and Some Prayer Requests

I have lots of catching up to do, starting with early December.  Sadie had a cystoscopy (scope of her bladder) under general anesthesia with her urologist, Dr. R.  Her former surgeon, Dr. S, retired recently so we got to meet our new surgeon that day as well.  He seems very knowledgable about cloaca, and we liked him very much.  Everything looked good on the scope, and her ultrasound from the same day was unchanged from six months ago.  Dr. R also decided to repeat the urodynamics study that day as well, which takes a variety of measurements and images to determine structural function, basically.  He said he was, "very pleased."  I asked if we could attempt to start potty-training, as Sadie has been showing a little interest even though she's very young.  Dr. R said sure, not to push it, but that it would be, "interesting to see what she's capable of."  We were sort of "discharged" by the surgeon, meaning we only have to follow up if there's a problem.  Sadie will continue to follow up with pediatric urology for life.

We also celebrated Sadie's second birthday in December!  We had a Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party with just a few friends and family.

The following week was Christmas.  I was sure Sadie would be much more interested in presents this year, but she really wasn't.  It seemed to stress her out.  Elena, however, was ecstatic--her favorite gifts were a Kindle and a Kindle case from Gussy Sews.

A few days after Christmas, Sadie started showing some unusual compulsive symptoms.  We were told in her infancy that behavioral and/or attention problems are not uncommon with preemies.  So, today we went to developmental pediatrics.  While her symptoms seemed to have lessened over the past week, we need to reimplement some calming strategies and watch her closely.  If she has further symptoms, we'll be referred to a specialist.  Otherwise, we are discharged from developmental peds as well!  It's so weird, because so much of our life since Sadie's birth has revolved around trips to Indy.  At one point, she had 6 specialists at Riley, not counting her pediatrician.  We are down to routinely following with only two (urology and nephrology), and barring any unforseen circumstances, we'll only have to go to Riley every 3-6 months from here on out.

How far our little girl has come, and how far she's brought our entire family!  Today I was reminded that doctors treat, but only God can heal.  He has healed her, and all of us, in so many ways through this experience.  But there are so many others who are hurting around us right now, and we ask for your prayers for the following:
  • My dad, who continues his battle with multiple myeloma. 
  • Chris' grandmother, who had a clot removed from her brain a couple of weeks before Christmas.  She came home yesterday, and we ask for her safety and continued healing.
  • Amanda Kirby.  She is our occupational therapist's 10-year-old daughter.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in October, and she finished chemo and radiation (round one) within the past week.  You can visit her Caring Bridge site here.
I've got some big plans for 2012, so stay tuned...