Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back Home Again

Yep, we made it home Friday evening!  Friday morning Sadie was allowed to start liquids.  Once she tolerated liquids the IV fluids were discontinued.  She was also allowed to come off monitors since she hadn't needed supplemental pain meds for over 24 hours.  We then got to take her for a wagon ride through the hospital and she proceeded to charm everyone we passed.  She flashed her grin, waved her little hand, and said, "Hi.  Wagon!" to everyone we passed.  Once back to the room she was allowed to eat lunch.  Then she pooped (a requirement before discharge), napped, and woke up just in time to have her IV's removed and receive discharge paperwork.
Once home we scrubbed off the hospital smell and slipped into jammies.  Sadie is doing great and seems to have minimal pain.  She's not quite back up to her full physical activity, but then again she couldn't walk for almost four days.

Finally, I've been promising pictures of the Simon Tower rooms at Riley since our last admission in February.  So, here they are:

The view from our room.  The tall building to the left in the distance is the new JW Marriott.  Beside that is Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.  We could also see the roofline of the original Riley Hospital as well as the helipad which are not seen in this view.

Sorry for the bad lighting...this is the family area in the room.  There's a couch that pulls out to a bed, two desks, a recliner that also becomes a bed, a desk chair, and a separate tv.  The bathroom is behind the door on the right--so nice to have a private shower!

Snuggling with grandma.  This is the patient side of the room, and the two sides can be divided by a curtain.  Across from the crib is a large flat-screen tv, Wii, and fridge!  Also, each unit is decorated like a different ecosystem.  We were on 9 East, which is the forest ecosystem.  Our room was decorated with red pandas.