Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Crazy Mommy Life

I have so many updates to post (has it really been a month?) but today I saw a really interesting idea on Liv Lane's blog.  It's a blog hop, so we'll see how it goes--never even heard of one, much less done one!  The topic I'm supposed to discuss is my memories of early mommyhood.  So, here goes...

Elena, my teenager, was about as textbook as they come as far as pregnancy, delivery, and early development.  I went into labor on my due date.  I delivered after forty minutes of pushing without complication.  She hit developmental milestones exactly when my mommy books said she would.  She was a dream to bottle-wean, she would eat anything, and aside from being rather willful (wonder where she gets it from?) I have enjoyed every stage of her life.  I was still in nursing school when she was born, so it was a crazy time for me.  I got a lot of help from my parents while I finished school and found my first nursing job.  Those early days, months, and years were kind of a blur.  But I do remember thinking, how is anyone able to do this? 

Elena was almost twelve when Sadie made her dramatic entrance to the world.  Her birth was a great joy and at the same time exposed some of the deepest and most painful emotions a mother can experience.  For that reason Sadie's birth, unlike with Elena's birth, is seared into my memory.  (I guess we too soon forget the good when faced with the bad.)  After all, when an expectant mother dreams about the child she carries, her dreams don't include a devastating birth defect, multiple surgeries, and three weeks in the NICU.  The long days by the incubator were only broken up by pumping every three hours and the twice daily rounds by the residents.  In those days I felt so badly for Elena, at home with her grandparents while 3/4 of the family was stuck miles away, longing for home.

Today, the medical drama has mostly wound down.  Life is crazy having two girls that are twelve years apart!  Seriously--buying makeup for one kid and diapers for another--it's insane!  We have to coordinate Elena's dances with Sadie's bedtime.  All of Chris' and my clothes come out of the dryer with glitter on them, and our house smells of fruity hairspray and baby lotion at the same time.  But I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Both of my girls have taught me so much, despite the craziness.  Having a sick baby definitely made me realize how much I took for granted when I had a healthy baby.  And even though the days surrounding Sadie's birth were some of the darkest of our lives, I would not change one moment.