Sunday, January 23, 2011

Long Overdue Updates, Part 2

'I'm not impressed...'
After Sadie's birthday came, of course, Christmas!  This was her first "real" Christmas, since last year she celebrated in an incubator in the NICU.

In January, we had appointments scheduled with 4 of Sadie's 6 specialists at Riley.  Developmental Pediatrics came first.  Concerns about Sadie's physical develpment persist.  She has hypotonia, particularly in her legs.  She also has not grown much in length over the past six months.  At 13 months old she is only 27 inches long, putting her in about the fifth percentile.  If her growth doesn't start to pick up after her colostomy closure she will be evaluated for further conditions, such as mitochondrial disease.  Please pray this isn't the case.  She continues to receive physical therapy through First Steps.  Occupational therapy will be added in the very near future.  Sadie is able to stand but cannot pull herself up.  She rolls but does not crawl.  We ordered Hip Helpers, which just arrived this week.   Hopefully she will show improvement with those.

The same week Sadie had a follow up with surgery.  And, yay!  We have a date for colostomy takedown:  February 2, 2011.

Last week, another trip to Indy to visit Nephrology.  Labs drawn that day showed normal kidney function and, for the first time, normal chemistry--no more metabolic acidosis!  At least not currently.

Tomorrow we head back to Urology.  We'll start with an ultrasound of Sadie's kidneys and bladder before seeing the doctor.  She's having good, wet diapers.  And with normal labs I expect that everything will be okay at that visit.  She seems to have zero complications from her surgery, and I'm hoping we can stop the daily antibiotics.

That's pretty much it for now.  We are anxious for the colostomy takedown; I almost cried the last time I called to order ostomy supplies, knowing I'll never have to order them again!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Overdue Updates, Part 1

So much has happened around our house in the last few weeks!  Starting with Sadie's birthday party...
The day started with a visit with Santa.

After meeting Santa, we rushed home and got ready for the big party!

The party theme was, "Sadie's Sweet Shop."

The "Sweet Shop" spread.

The cake.  (I wrapped foam balls like candy for decorations, and they aslo served as favors for the kids.)

The Birthday Girl--pre-cake.

Discovering the joy of presents.

The first wonderful bite of cake!

More to follow...