Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hold Onto Jesus

Sadie received a Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set as a birthday present from her grandparents for her birthday.  She loves it, and I use the pieces to bribe her into rolling, reaching, etc. when we do her physical therapy sessions.

Sadie's favorite piece, by far, is baby Jesus.  Once she gets a hold of him, she loses interest in everything else.  Even when I try to get her to reach for a sheep or camel, she still holds him in her free hand.  Nothing I do can persuade her to let go of Jesus.  Last Christmas, we left her in Jesus' hands while she lay in an isolette in the NICU.  How fitting that she holds Jesus in her hands today, and won't let him go.

My prayer for all of you this day is that you take hold of Jesus.  Ignore all others.  Grab on and never let go.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things That Matter (When You're 12)

What do middle schoolers learn on the last day before Christmas break?
  • Ten million Indonesians are Boy Scouts.
  • The lips of a hippo are over 2 feet wide.
  • There are places where, if you unsuccessfully attempt to commit suicide, you can be sentenced to the death penalty.
  • 35% of Americans wad their toilet paper.  54% fold.  The remaining 11%, who knows?

Friday, December 17, 2010

What a difference... year makes.

December 17, 2009
December 17, 2010.
Happy birthday, Sadie!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Four Stockings

Christmas 2010

If you look at a picture of our Christmas decorations today compared to one year ago, you wouldn't notice much difference.  Things are pretty much decorated the same way.  The tree is in the same spot it's been since we built our house.  There's only one suttle difference--a fourth stocking hanging on the mantle.

The change in our lives is no suttle thing, though.  It was one year ago today that I got a phone call from my doctor while I was at work.  "It's Dr. Marshall.  I don't want you to panic.  I'm just reviewing your 30 week ultrasound.  I think your baby has some kind of cyst in her abdomen.  Probably no big deal, but I'd like to send you to Indianapolis."  When your physician calls personally and tells you not to panic, your first reaction is to panic.  I paged Chris at work and we both told our parents that night.  Things were no longer perfect.  I spent the next few days researching urachal cysts, and my greatest fear was that after delivery my baby would have a needle put in her belly to drain off some fluid. 

We of course had no idea how serious things truly were, or that two weeks later we would be having our baby.

Last year on Christmas Day, one member of our family was in the NICU while the rest of us celebrated at the Ronald McDonald House.  It was heartbreaking.  Back home, our tree sat in a dark and empty house.  Three stockings on the mantle were a symbol of our unpreparedness for the events in our lives.  It hardly seems that a year has passed.  In just two weeks we will be celebrating Sadie's birthday.  In three weeks, we'll be celebrating the birth of our King.  Last year on Christmas Day we said a prayer at the breafast table that we'd all be together in 2010.  God was faithful to hear and answer our prayers, and this year we hung that fourth stocking on the mantle with the others.